会员 & 通过


You must be a USA student, faculty/staff, retiree, 校友 Association member, or university 加入美国学生娱乐中心. 配偶及受养人 以上主要会员也可加入. 我们的设施不对公众开放. 会员资格是为期12个月的承诺. 

If you are a current member and would like to make changes to your current 成员hip, 点击这里!


校友任何被学校认为是校友的人 十大彩票网投平台校友会 (USAAA)有资格成为SRC会员. 申请人必须是缴纳会费的会员 美国汽车协会. 校友 status (annual or lifetime alum) of applicant is verified with USAAA.

依赖: Anyone who has a parent-child relationship with a current 学生娱乐中心 会员,年龄25岁或以下. 

教员/员工: USA paid faculty and staff who work directly for the University or 美国健康 System. 包括退休的教职员工.

+ 1: Must be over the age of 18 and currently live with a 学生娱乐中心 member. 需要提供共享地址的证明. 每户只允许一个加一会员. This 成员hip is only available to USA employees, alumni, retirees and affiliate 成员.

配偶: Anyone who is legally married to a current 学生娱乐中心 member. 证明 of marriage or shared address is required if the last names differ. 

未注册学生(休学一学期): Current non-enrolled student who was enrolled the previous semester at USA. 会员 可以在前台购买吗.

刚毕业: Anyone who has graduated from USA within a year of the date of 成员hip sign-up. 

大学附属: Applicant has a professional relationship with USA outside of traditional 就业. 目前,这个会员资格只提供给爱玛客的员工 and JagTran 司机.



在校生  无额外费用 
在校生配偶 10元/月
受抚养(0-15岁) 8美元/月
受抚养(16-25岁) 10元/月
未注册学生(休学一学期) 40美元/学期*
刚毕业  毕业后一年每月10美元

*学生 taking one semester off from academic classes, who were enrolled the previous 学期,可以在前台购买学期会员. 费用是每学期40美元 并且会在学期中期按比例增加.



个人会员 10元/月
配偶 10元/月
受养人(0-15岁) 8美元/月
家属(16-25岁) 10元/月

教师/员工: USA paid faculty and staff who work directly for the University or 美国健康 System. 这包括退休的教职员工. 

会员 fees for current faculty/staff can be payroll deducted. 请指定 填写申请时选择付款方式.  



年度-个人  35美元/月
年度-配偶  35美元/月
年度-家属(16-25岁) 35美元/月
终身-个人  25美元/月
终身-配偶  25美元/月
终身-受抚养人(16 - 25岁) 25美元/月
所有受养人(0 - 15岁)  8美元/月


校友: Anyone who is considered an alumnus by the 十大彩票网投平台校友会 有资格成为学生娱乐中心的会员吗. 申请人必须是会员 的付费会员 十大彩票网投平台校友会. We will confirm your Lifetime or Annual status with the 校友 Association upon receiving 您的应用程序.



个人会员 40美元/月
配偶 40美元/月
受养人(0-15岁) 每人每月8美元
受养人(16 - 25岁) 每人每月40美元

A 大学附属 includes individuals who have professional relationships with USA outside of traditional 就业. 目前,这个会员资格只提供给爱玛客的员工 & JagTran 司机.




  • 每个家庭都有资格成为一名加一会员. 
  • This must be an adult, over the age of 18, that lives with the current Student 矩形reation 中心成员,但不是合法配偶. 
  • 需要提供共享地址的证明. 
  • This 成员hip is only available to USA employees, alumni, retirees, and affiliate 成员. 



▼会员付款 & 政策

教员/员工 成员hip types qualify for payroll deduction or monthly credit card 计费.

所有其他类型的会员必须用信用卡支付.  存档的信用卡会 每月一日收取会员费.

If you are a paying member through payroll deduction or credit card 计费 and you enroll as a student, it is your responsibility to contact the SRC 成员hip services 停止计费. 否则,扣除将继续进行,直到通知SRC为止. 不予退款.

When paying by credit card, the member will be notified of any declines via the email 会员协议上提供的地址.  将对付款进行更新 method before the 10th of the month or all 成员hips impacted will be terminated. 

Contact the 会员s office at 251-460-6293 with any questions.


校园娱乐 and 健康 reserves the right to suspend the use of facilities or involvement in programs of participants that refuse to follow policy, deem a threat to themselves or others, and/or who treat staff in a disrespectful manner. 点球, severity, and length of suspension will be determined on a case by case basis. 

校园娱乐 and 健康 student staff also reserve the right to refuse entry and/or discontinued use of the facility and/or involvement in programs, if a member 或客人变得不守规矩或拒绝遵守规定. 


USA students and 成员 of the 学生娱乐中心 are permitted to bring a 客人到我们的设施 客人的政策


  1. The SRC member and their guest will need to fill out the SRC访客登录 below. This step can be done prior to arrival to the 学生娱乐中心. 
  2. SRC成员应登录我们的 校园娱乐门户
    • USA students and faculty/staff 成员 use the Single Sign-On by selecting the option “教员/员工 & 学生用户(SSO)点击这里”. 
    • 其他会员须使用捷豹编号登入. 
    • 如果您在使用我们的会员门户网站时遇到问题,请发电子邮件 src@anthropolesley.com 并通知SRC前台工作人员. 
  3. Once logged in, the SRC member will click the icon labeled “Guest Pass” and add the 递给他们的车. 
  4. 结帐支付通票. 
  5. Upon entry to the facility, inform the SRC front desk staff that you purchased a pass, 他们会帮您和您的客人登记入住.  

储物柜 & 毛巾服务


Keep your belongings safe and secure by renting a locker in the Student 矩形reation Center. 储物柜的使用期限为一年(6月1日至5月31日). 每个月按比例计算 从原来的租金价格.  Full-sized lockers begin at $75/year; half-sized 储物柜起价为每年50美元. 


全尺寸 一半大小
6月 $75.00 $50.00
7月 $68.75 $45.83
8月 $62.50 $41.66
9月 $56.25 $37.49
10月 $50.00 $33.32
11月 $43.75 $29.15
全尺寸 一半大小
12月 $37.50 $24.98
1月 $31.25 $20.88
2月 $25.00 $16.72
3月 $18.75 $12.56
4月 $12.50 $8.40
五月 $6.25 $4.24

毛巾租金按原价36美元/年的比例计算. 点击这里报名使用毛巾服务.

成本 成本
6月 $36 12月 $18
7月 $33 1月 $15
8月 $30 2月 $12
9月 $27 3月 $9
10月 $24 4月 $6
11月 $21 五月 $3